“Garratt and Cox had a great chemistry, and drew every bit of comedy out of the scene…”

“…the queen, an over-the-top, and off-with-their-heads type character played brilliantly by Garratt.”

Review Edinburgh Fringe Gulliver’s Travels


Sean Garratt who played the playwirght is indeed a wonderful actor and dancer… …very kind and supportive to his fellow actors.’

Director of Blue Room


Sean, great movement, stage presence and vocally trained voice… …I hope to see alot more of him on stage.’

Jenny Gammon


Sean Garratt was inspired; his beautiful sensitive performance had me laughing and going ahhhh! ….I hope Sean to have a great career in acting.’

Lisa Cavalli-Green


Every production has its standout performance – but this Henry V could boast two in Sean Garratt (as Chorus/Boy) and David Baynes (as Dauphin). Garratt charmed from the outset with a terrifically pitched opening monologue as Chorus, in which he comically stumbled over his lines and joked with the audience in the manner of a true Shakespearean fool. As Boy, I was taken aback by his uncanny ability to switch from a clown playing for belly-laughs to an unpretentious philosopher, wondering at the fragility of his own conscience under the influence of Nym, Bardolph, and Pistol – the play’s n’er-do-wells. His brutal murder at the hands of the Dauphin near the play’s end was enacted in a piece of sublime – if horrifying – physical theatre that stunned the audience into silence…

Review: Henry V in OP | Shakespeare in London  Louie Woodall


Sean and I worked together to create a piece of physical and vocal storytelling theatre in which he developed and performed the character of a mythic king and his human paternal counter part. Sean is a generous and creative performer; his physicality is extremely adaptable and he has great capacity for sharing and evolving ideas. Whilst working with him, i also witnessed his exceptional ability to amuse and entertain through impressions, both vocal and physical, of those around him. This adds to his ability to be a fantastic company member, staying positive and collaborating with warmth and creative energy. On stage he has a strong presence and ability to inhabit a range of roles, particularly through distinct physical skills. He is also an accomplished puppeteer. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a physical or comical role; Sean is a pleasure to work with.”

Emily Gray, ‘The Glass Mountain’  Trestle Arts Base


“Sean is a unique talent, mixing a really watchable quirkiness, with an endearing vulnerability. A joy to work with.”


“An actor of real ability, a joy to work with and a genuinely lovely human being.”


“Sean brought something unexpected and wonderful to the role of RAZ in THE TRAP. A truly gifted actor.”

James Wren, The Trap


Sean Garratt is an imaginative, charismatic and playful performer. He’s a wonderful collaborator with an wide range of skills that would enhance many a project. Sean is a dedicated and generous member of a team who is capable of taking the lead when needed.  An absolute joy to work with.”

Lindsay Fraser


  • Sean Garratt gives weight to the husbands and fathers who want to do what is right…”

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